I am a doctoral student at LSM@EPFL, working on using memristive devices as components in neuromorphic machine learning. My research focuses on neuromorphic engineering, trying to bridge the physical models of memristive with machine and the theory of machine learning/information theory and the application of AI to speed up research and technological development.

Further professional interests are data science,automation high performance software engineering and decentralized/distributed computing.

Private interests include programming languages, economics, history, politics, math, singing, gymnastics, ballroom dancing, writing and parkour.

There is more, but you have to stop at some point. I like to keep active and stimulated.

When not otherwise occupied(i.e., not during my PhD) I work as a freelance consultant, with experience in rapid prototyping, developing machine learning stacks for information retrieval and automation, embedded systems firmware development in C and more. Currently, I have restricted my non-PhD activities to working with EA Geneva (as their resident techie, contributor to AI risk research and giving workshops, to carefully teach quantitative models…at some point I need to write a blog post why I say careful) and some vulgarization(second meaning) explaining AI, blockchain and other new technologies to non-technical audiences. You are always invited to send me an email if you have interesting, especially if it touches any of my interests listed above or involves working with Rust or policy work involving AI/technology.

You can also take a look at my CV.